Perfect Unifi Malaysia Solutions You Can Count On

Set your devices to the best channel for your router with a tool such as the Android WiFi Analyzer application to find the one that is optimal for your equipment, depending on the use of the channels in your environment. Using Unifi Malaysia is important in this case.

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By applying these few tips, you will certainly gain transfer speed and benefit from a more efficient network!

Rest assured, even with confinement, the internet will hold. But faced with massive teleworking and heavy streaming viewing, cases of localized congestion and partial saturation remain possible. Just like using your entire mobile data plan. To optimize your connection and reduce your consumption while gaining bandwidth, follow the guide.

Covid-19 and the Internet: best practices to preserve your connection during confinement

Would the Internet, therefore, be threatened with saturation because of forced teleworking, which concerns in these times of confinement between approximately 7 and 9 million French people, as well as by students condemned to e-learning and people with partial unemployment who turn to stream videos?

  • In this period of confinement against Covid-19 in Malaysia, many of you are on your smartphones and PCs, working from home or simply trying to kill time. So much so that some people fear an Internet “blackout” due to the clogging of pipes. Obviously, without the internet, containment would quickly become a nightmare for us 21st-century humans.
  • But rest assured: even if Netflix and YouTube have taken measures to reduce their speed and if Disney + has postponed its release, officially to avoid Internet “congestion”, for telecoms experts, the network of networks has nothing to fear. Neither do operators, websites and social media.

No blackout, but slowdowns and localized breakdowns

Admittedly, the quantity of data in circulation on the Internet is constantly increasing: + around 20% per year since 2021. But network structures are constantly adapting to this increase and are sized to support higher traffic than usual. “No, the internet is not going to saturate, because it is the very principle of the internet, to interconnect networks between them to ensure that there is no breakdown and congestion.