Does Technology bring happiness to humans?

I believe that the essence of human happiness is the acquisition of certain material or spiritual things. For example, before there was technology, we were happy when we worked at sunrise and rested at sunset. We had blue skies and green water.

At the same time, however, I acknowledge that it is certainly impossible for human society to stop developing due to human greed, but that does not stop us from talking about the significance of technological progress. Is the way forward for a species really a matter of choice for the high intellect or of going with the flow for the low intellect. What have the technological changes of the last 50 years really brought to humanity and what does humanity really want.

Some people think that human beings are happy because they have been given something by technology, but then I think about it and I think that some people themselves feel happiest when they are with friends, lovers and family.

The impact of technological advances on mankind is complex, the most obvious being the great improvement in human life and convenience, such as radio, mobile phones, air conditioning, cars, etc,. The benefits are numerous, and technology is the first productive force, providing a boost to the economic development of all mankind, thus alleviating many economic problems and reducing unemployment, you can refer to patlite tower light malaysia as an example. 

The advances in technology that can shorten time to achieve efficiency also give us the choice, we can choose to drive or to walk. If you feel that what you are after is the details that the walk will bring you, you will be happy and content with yourself. Conversely, some people may feel that the destination is what they want to pursue and that the process is rather unimportant to them. How about being happy and joyful, actually don’t think so much, human beings can’t figure it out, and there will be a death, it is enough to enjoy the touch of the moment. Of course in materialistic times probably most people will feel happy if they have money, because money can improve the quality of life and the thrill of earning your own money and then spending it is really great.

However, everything has side effects, such as the negative impact of technological developments on the environment.The greatest damage that modern civilisation has done to mankind is to bring about mental illnesses such as neurasthenia, depression, anxiety and other neuroses. For example, in the early days of the automobile, it greatly increased the convenience of human beings, and they were overjoyed by this, but soon problems arose: dust emissions caused human respiratory diseases, traffic laws and congestion emerged as more and more vehicles became available, and human beings began to follow the rules carefully, resulting in road rage spreading like a plague.

Technological progress is irreversible, and even if you think it does more harm than good to human well-being, it still doesn’t change the progress of technology; what we can do is how to address the side effects of technological progress. 

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