Different Types of Properties Located in Malaysia

The Many Properties Available in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the most visited and popular places around the world because of its wonderful and elegant cities to explore. The cities are also nature-friendly, meaning there are a variety of plants and trees decorated in every building. They did these in order to attract tourists as well as providing a good amount of oxygen especially in urban areas where there are lots of smoke produced by the trucks, cars, and motorcycles. There are plenty of buildings and structures that can be found within the cities of Malaysia. Each being categorized into 3 different types of properties. These types of properties include residential, commercial, and vacant property.

Residential property, from the word itself, is a type of property that is properly designed to accommodate people and provide comfort for them. Residential properties include apartments, flats, condominiums, and residential housings. Apartments in Malaysia typically offer good quality rooms with air-conditioning and small kitchen as well as the availability of facilities such as restaurants, cleaners for maintenance, and many more. Apartments can have as many facilities as they can but it would cost significantly higher. Flats, on the other hand, offer small rooms with fewer facilities that is why it is cheaper than condominiums and apartments. Having small rooms may result in a few spaces for accommodation, thus, people in Malaysia who is working and does not have children might be in this right type of property as they can save enough money. Condominiums typically are associated with tall buildings and offer many facilities such as gym, pharmacy, and restaurant, and 24-hour security. Condominiums are very expensive because of the facilities, security, and modern exterior and interior design. Residential houses are just ordinary houses that we can see today. This typically is designed for big families that gather within a single roof. It offers you your personal backyard and front yard as well as a garage and fences that surround your house. 

Commercial properties are typically used for marketing and selling of goods and services. These include shopping malls and retail stores. A shopping mall is a very large building that accommodates plenty of merchandised stores that enables people to come in from each store and buy whatever they want. A shopping mall must also consist of a parking garage, wide security, air-conditioning, escalators, and elevators in order to provide people with better comfort and amusement. Retail stores, on the other hand, are just the usual stores that we can see every day such as pharmacy, convenient store, clothing store, and many more. These stores can be seen either on streets or inside malls. 

Vacant properties, from the word itself, are unoccupied land. In Malaysia, there is somewhat they call “Malay Reserve Land” where only Malay people or the local citizens of Malaysia can only buy the vacant land. Foreigners of other countries cannot buy the said land. This local land is only reserved for the local people in Malaysia who have low income. 

You can check out the amazing properties available in Malaysia. You should consider getting the properties around Klang, Kajang, Puchong, Selayang and Petaling Jaya.