Cyberbullying In Malaysia: How Bad Is It?

Before that, let’s go back to basics and see what cyberbullying really is. The term might sound familiar, but it is possible that you might misunderstand it for something else. So what is cyberbullying? It is defined as a form of bullying or harassment using electronic means. As the digital sphere expands, this act that is also known as online bullying has been a common occurrence in our country. Cyberbullying happens because some people ignore the effect it may give to the victim and misuse the freedom of speech. Many of these “cyber warriors” go over the line of using the freedom to express your opinions about something, no matter how negative or malicious it might be. The fact that they are all anonymous and no one actually knows who is writing on the keyboard makes them feel bold to throw hate comments and negative comments on the Internet.

Who Are The Victims?

In Malaysia, the victims vary from those unknown to the celebrities. Sometimes, just posting a slightly sensitive content online could make you a victim of cyberbullying. You blink and in a matter of minutes, hate comments would be flooding your mobile phones. Sometimes, they even got access to your phone number and spam it with spiteful text messages. It is even easier for celebrities to become a victim. Whatever they post on social media will be criticized to the point that some celebrities even received death threats. It could be something simple like the way they dress or something as private as their marriage lives. 

The Viral of Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam’s Post

On May 2021, a Tiktok video by Ain Husniza sharing about an alleged rape joke by a male teacher in her school went viral overnight and has been viewed more than 1.4 million times on the platform. Debates about sex education and sexual violence in schools began speculating all over the content as the citizens voiced out their concern and experiences about the issue. After that, 17-year-old Ain Husnize created the hashtag #MakeSchoolASaferPlace to encourage other youngsters to come forward and share their issues at school. Despite the huge amount of support she received, she became a victim of cyberbullying as she received malicious comments saying that she is an attention seeker and a school principal even called her the daughter of evil, or something of sort. She went to lodge a police report after receiving a voice message with rape threat towards her. She even spent a few days off school as the issue became bigger and some boys at her school decided against her exposing the issue.

The Trending of #Koyak

The latest incident of Malaysia cyberbullying can be seen from the trending of hashtag #koyak on Twitter in May 2021. Due to the conflict rising after the attack from Israel to the Palestin citizens in Gaza, people has been showing their support and words of encouragement to the Palestinian. Ido Daniel from Palestin was attacked by the Malaysian cyberbullies as he posted fake information regarding the update of conflict in Palestin. His postings received many angry comments and ridiculous memes from the Malaysian. Malaysian started commenting that he was “koyak” which means to be butthurt or offended by cyberbullying. Things take a funny twist as he replied “koyak to you too” which shows that he did not get the right meaning of the word. This makes the Malaysian more motivated to troll him all over the social media. Nothing surprising there as Malaysia has been ranked second in Asia for cyberbullying.

Last Words

In conclusion, we have to become more sympathetic and try our best not to cyberbully due to the negative effects it could bring to the victims. There’s even risks of mental health issues and depression to the victims of cyberbullying. Thus, let’s not misuse the freedom of speech we are granted with and try to filter our comments on social media in the future. Is it possible for the creation of a software that filters every single comment on the Internet before it could be posted? Who knows, it could be possible after all. If you are interested in software developing, check out mlm software development for their services in software development. 

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