5 Reasons That Will Make You Decide To Study Fashion Design

When you hear about the fashion design career, thousands of ideas are thrown into your minds that if the area of​ job opportunity in the world of fashion is really profitable, if the field of action is really wide; besides listening to all the family and friends that you should better choose another career instead of fashion design. But let’s go in parts, if you already have a concern about fashion and you think you have the necessary skills to get started in this turn, it is important that you review the areas of opportunity that the fashion industry encompasses.

That’s Why Here Are 5 Areas of Opportunity Are Shared That Is The Most Dreamed Of By Fashionistas, Analyze Them, And Decide If This Is For You:

1. A Fashion Designer With His Or Her Own Brand:

Any fashion designer dreams of being independent! In this way, you can define and generate collections that give you a voice and authority within the industry. Whether it is a line of footwear, bags, clothing, or accessories; the possibilities for a fashion designer are endless, depending on the sector in which they specialize. Today, social media makes it easy to promote and reach global brands without making big investments to get started. Therefore, it is a great platform to explore.

2. Creator And Producer Of Fashion Catwalks And Events:

New York, Paris, London, Los Angeles, and Barcelona, ​​currently considered the cradles of fashion and design, always have trends on the agenda, thanks to the shows led by the big names in fashion. However, coordinating a show requires a conceptualization guided by a work schedule, where a budget is decided, a stage, lighting, music, a casting of models is carried out, and an endless number of details that a fashion designer can lead perfectly by his knowledge.

3. Costume Designer For Film, Theater, A Television:

Designing costumes for this industry is fascinating for those who do it because the actor, like his clothing, has a leading space in each scene and, it is there, when the fashion designer uses his knowledge since, unlike fashion design in this heading the design is determined by the character who will dress it, the time in which it will unfold and the plot it serves. Renowned costume designers make true works of art for great productions, for the game of thrones, being the recipient of 4 Emmy’s to the series for the same concept in 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2018.

4. Image Consultant And Personal Shopper

The fashion boom, linked to a healthy lifestyle, is generating a new trend, where there is room for the most sought-after professionals to specialize in image consulting, personal shopping, and coolhunting (trend hunters). Here, one of the advantages of studying fashion design at Widad University is that you will be able to apply your experience in chromoesthetics, morphology, protocol and behavior, makeup and wardrobe, to deliver the best solution.

Sekiranya anda berminat dalam fesyen, anda boleh mempertimbangkan diploma dalam reka bentuk fesyen.