Why video games will become important for the next few decades

With the advancement of technology, video games have changed from two floating sticks deflecting a ball to ultra realistic graphics that could have been mistaken for real people. With so many titles published, gamers have a wide variety of games to explore and experience, provided that their wallets and credit cards can afford them. With so many genres to explore, one can find their place in the gaming community if they can search for the right game and the right place to interact with their fellow gamers. However, there are some games that are made to appeal towards more competitive players who wish to stand out among the rest in the competitive environment.

Although it is hard to judge if the video game is worthy to have a competitive environment, first person shooters, MOBA and battle royale games tend to be published to attract competitive players as these games are usually players versus players, or PVP, heavy while involving strong communication with your teammates. When these competitive games become popular, they will eventually be categorized as esports games due to their heavy emphasis on teamwork and competitive environment. Some of the games that are recognized as esports worthy includes but not limited to: Rainbow 6 Siege, League of Legends, DOTA 2, Mobile Legends, and many more. Some games like League of Legends and DOTA are more popular than others which gain more player base all over the world with every country holding their own tournaments in smaller venues that even cybercafes become venues to hold tournaments. For a competitive gamer, these tournaments can also serve to provide credentials to get a better chance of being recruited by esports teams if they wish to pursue their career even further.

Besides the competitive environment, some games aim to tell a deep story that will be remembered for the next decade and gameplay so fun, wild and/or immersive that no matter how many times you clear it, it will never be boring to revisit these games in multiple playthroughs. Some games like The Witcher 3, Dark Souls and Nier: Automata encourage their players to play their games in multiple playthroughs as these games would offer a wide variety of builds and playstyle that would feel different and provide a fresher experience to a game that they have cleared already. However with the knowledge and experience from the first playthrough in hand, players who revisit these games will become more cautious and more knowledgeable that they are able to adjust their strategies and builds to gain the maximum benefit out of the future playthroughs.

Overall, video games should not be frowned upon anymore as some developers aim to create games to treat medical illnesses. During the coronavirus lockdown, video games have a more prominent role than before to provide entertainment for people who are stuck in home with no other entertainment to kill time. There are multiple free games that everyone can try even on mobile and they should not be discouraged in spending money for the games they want to buy.

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