What are the merits of online education?

New technologies bring about new revolutions. The first industrial revolution, the second industrial revolution and, more recently, the third industrial revolution, were all the result of a chain reaction of new technologies. Of course, the new technologies here must be those that are beneficial to the development of human society. There should be no doubt that the birth of the internet has influenced all walks of life, allowing us to enjoy the exchange of information at moment, Online games such as slots download gaming are no exception. The education industry is no exception and the internet has opened up more possibilities in the way education is delivered. The rise of online education and even its current growing trend is naturally linked to its advantages, which brings us back to our question of what the advantages of online education are.

1. Better use of resources

The Internet allows us to spread any of our school’s quality courses and teaching achievements to further distant places, breaking through the limitations of time and space and making the most of quality resources.

2. Active student role

With traditional education, students learn more passively, with teachers speaking and students listening. Online education makes active learning much more possible. Students can choose the teachers and courses that interest them most and any student can start any course from any chapter at any time and any place. With active and free learning, students are more motivated to learn.

3.Diversification of teacher roles

Online education can be a better way of addressing this, where the focus is more on the ability of the teacher. And the fact that online students can choose their own courses gives teachers the incentive to optimise their courses, either by making them interesting or by having enough material in them to make them want to stay. Can teachers who only teach by the book in a fill-in-the-blank style survive online? I suppose no. 

4. Automation of teaching management

Online education relies on the Internet for teaching and learning, so naturally, the management is also based on the Internet. Students’ enquiries, registration, payment of fees, course selection, enquiries, registration management, assignment and examination management can all be done through online interaction in a convenient and efficient way.

5. Diversification of courses

Under our traditional education, most of the courses are developed according to the same syllabus, course standards and course objectives, and the learning content is relatively homogeneous and knowledge cannot be updated in a timely manner. However, with online education, students can learn various types of courses through a small mobile phone, computer and other ports, learn the latest knowledge in the industry and update their knowledge base in a timely manner. For example, the current hot e-commerce course, new media course etc. 

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