Things To Remember While Branding Yourself On Social Media

Branding was never reserved for just objects and organizations. People have been branding themselves since the beginning of time. What do we get reminded of when someone says, Mahatma Gandhi? Patriotic, Brave, Heroic. How about Lady Gaga? Iconic, Unique, Free spirit. Beyonce? A symbol of Empowerment and Girl Power. People can be branded just the same as we would brand a company. 

Discover social marketing services Malaysia and the rest of the world that do the same for people. Some outsource the branding services while others, simply just have a unique presence on social media. Many YouTubers don’t necessarily have their own social media team. They are their own social media team. Their youtube personality is how they brand themselves. Pewdiepie? A wholesome, humorous personality. He has his own merch that represents his personality and brand. 

But many YouTubers and influencers have stumbled on mistakes that cost their entire reputation while branding themselves. A professional social media team can help you avoid the “cancel culture” from people but not everyone can afford to have them. So let’s dive into some very important lessons we should remember while branding ourselves 

Have A Goal 

Why are you branding yourself? What is the goal of this personal branding? Having an objective is the first step of every branding and marketing plan. When strategizing your branding efforts, all of these efforts must be tied to your goals and your focus. 

When we say a goal, the goal is also tied to the niche you are in. Have you decided on a niche yet? Your personal message? Motto? Narrative? Slogan? Logo? Colors? A lot goes into creating your brand. Revise your goals and be sure to have a surefire plan before you begin.  

Develop Great Stroy Telling 

Your story is what attracts your customers. More often than not, we follow when we can relate to a person. So if your story is a relatable story or a story full of empathy, we are more likely to be emotionally attracted to you. When you become vulnerable and genuine with your storytelling you are sure to resonate with your audience. 

Stay Consistent 

Failure is inevitable. You might not even get a  lot of attention in the beginning. But is that a reason to fold and give up? Definitely not. But staying consistent with your efforts is key. When you are consistent and active people notice. This is how you gain your power and edge over the rest of the social media world. 

Understand Your Target Audience 

So do you know your target audience yet? What are they like? What do they like? What content do they like? Make sure you know all of the answers to these questions. It is not hard to get the answers when you start to actively engage with your audience and connect with them. The more you learn the more you are inspired as well. When we are unaware of the traits of our followers, we are most likely to fail to brand properly. Who wants to create personal branding that does not resonate with the rest of the world. 

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