Huge offer – but at what price?

Nowadays the range of fruit and vegetables is downright unmanageable. In the supermarket or at the market you can get fruit and vegetables at any time, even out of season. To the advantage on the one hand, because it makes it easier for you to buy fruit and vegetables even in winter. On the other hand, it is a disadvantage, as a lot of fruit and vegetables have transported thousands of kilometers behind them and thus naturally lose quality. The types of cultivation (use of chemicals, etc.) from foreign countries are not yet taken into account.

Tip 1: prefer local varieties

In general, of course, local fruit and vegetables should preferably be served. Therefore, when shopping, pay attention to where the goods come from. If the product is currently in season, you should definitely choose local ones. Because then long transport routes are avoided and the product is usually absolutely fresh on the shelf or on the market. An advantage of local goods is of course not only the ecological (short transport routes) aspect but above all the freshness of the vegetables or fruit. If you prefer seasonal products from the region, this is also guaranteed because they still have a high vitamin content due to the short storage and transport.

Tip 2: Pay attention to freshness – the essentials when buying!

Everyone knows that: the lettuce in the store is already looking withered. If there is no other choice, this is of course still better than foregoing the salad. Fruits and vegetables that have wilted or have been lying around for a long time are usually a rarity these days, luckily. Nevertheless, when shopping, you should make sure that the product looks as fresh and crisp as possible. You shouldn’t always be fooled by the outside world. Often, high-gloss apples are made shiny with wax additives. It is therefore usually worth taking a few more steps, for example, to enter the weekly market. To get to the point: take your time choosing. Take the time to look at the goods and compare them. If you shop “passing by” you will most likely be disappointed at home because it doesn’t taste good or maybe not that fresh. (Organic) farmers from the vegetable same day delivery Negeri Sembilan often sell their goods at weekly markets.
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