Communication, advertising and relationship professions

The Mass Communication program offers a core of elementary skills prerequisite in journalism, advertising, and public relations, for example oral communication, written communication, research, design, and First Amendment and property law. Each student can then select, liable on their area of ​​importance, extra specific mass communication courses. All students will complete their degree with an internship and comprehensive experience.

One of the greatest powers that prefers to linger in the shadows is the power that information has. And journalism is a profession to possess this power. Not only does journalism provide the power of knowledge, it also ethically tests its independence. Journalism isn’t just about writing news stories directly, which cannot always strike as something exciting and creative. This profession makes it possible to use one of the many great talents and gifts that one possesses.

Internships allow students to gain hands-on experience working in an advertising or public relations agency, in a newspaper or TV channel, or in the communications department of a business such as a hospital or hotel. Many internships offer a stipend to spend money.

BA › Journalism and Mass Communication

A Bachelor of Arts degree allows students to study a wide variety of classes in subjects such as mass media law, writing and the humanities. This Widad course was developed to enable a broad education, giving students a global perspective on the world around them.

What is a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Journalism? 

Those who enrol in this course learn to write in a variety of forms and become proficient in expository and journalistic reporting. Classes in public relations and legal communication broaden their accepting of the filled scope of mass communication in today’s culture. Students can also expand into certain types of journalism, such as broadcast journalism and photojournalism.

The critical thinking skills acquired through this degree will help students no matter what career they choose. The opportunity to become globally aware and the ability to analyze large amounts of information and then communicate it succinctly can make this degree a wise choice for many scholars.

Earning a BA in Mass Communication and Journalism usually takes 4 years of university study. The fees for this vary widely, depending on the location and type of institution. Potential students must consult with their precise university to fix the cost of this degree.

Those who complete this undergraduate program often pursue writing careers such as magazine writers or news reporters, but some choose to become media researchers. Given the breadth of knowledge acquired through this program, this is not the only career path open. Many graduates find opportunities for careers in advertising, broadcasting, photojournalism, graphic design or a variety of public relations positions. For more articles like this one, click here.