Are You Going To Rent Out A Condo For Sale In Cheras?

Important information for landlords in the condo for sale cheras is that Negotiations and negotiations with the tenant, Lease agreement and negotiation of the lease, Legal defense of the landlord, Preparation of the apartment for rent, Selection and purchase of an apartment for rent.

Every landlord knows that the Civil Code contains “special paragraphs” that determine the landlord’s rules governing the relationship between landlord and tenant. These special provisions take precedence over the general rental rules found. When renting a housing unit.

However, be aware that the subject of the legal relationship of the (protected) lease of an apartment regulated in the provisions is not only an apartment that is so approved but any space that is used for housing purposes.

Why is such vocabulary important?

The new Civil Code says that ”apartment” means a room or a set of rooms that are part of a house, form a living space, and are intended and used for the purpose of living. If the landlord agrees with the tenant that he will rent a non-residential space for living, the parties are bound in the same way as if the living space had been rented. ”

And at the same time, it stipulates that “if the tenant’s obligation obliges the lessee to leave the tenant or house which is the subject of the tenancy to the tenant and, where applicable, members of his household, to cover the tenant’s housing needs, arrangements reducing the tenant’s rights under this provision shall not be taken into account.

It follows from the above that even if you own a non-residential space, garage, cellar, attic, laundry room, caravan, houseboat or caravan and agree with the tenant that he will live there; your relationship is automatically governed by the rules for renting an apartment.

The impacts are great because the rules for renting residential space differ from other rental rules:

  • indifferently set obligations of the tenant and the landlord
  • indifferently set reasons
  • for termination – indifferently set lengths of termination
  • indifferently set maintenance rules for rented premises
  • indifferently set rules for lease transfer
  • within the limits of what can be effectively agreed in the lease
  • in the overall higher protection of the tenant

So whatever space you rent whether it is a Cheras property or Dutamas house for sale, according to the new Civil Code, it is necessary to monitor the purpose for which space is rented. If for housing, you need a lease just for housing purposes.

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